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Since legalization has taken place, many questions have arisen in regards micro-cultivation regulations,  production, zoning sales etc.

Micro-cultivators have hit some roadblocks right on the on-set upon applying for licensing and it comes in the way of  municipal approval and zoning which is a key requirement. Many small growers have not been able to apply to the federal government because they are still waiting on  local zoning. But most cities just haven’t established zoning for such businesses and they’re either unprepared or unwilling to allow micro-cultivation the area. The federal government failed to educate municipalities about the new licences and needs to create zoning to support them.

Micro-cultivators  can have a facility of 200 sq m or 210 sq ft and only  once licence is permitted per unique address.  For those looking to get into the micro-cultivation business, there’s a few stipulations one needs to abide once licencing is granted.

A micro-cultivator is only permitted to grow cannabis according to Health Canada. Their only option for selling are to another processor, an LP or a researcher. Micro-cultivators “cannot sell to a provincial or territorial outlet. They can grow cannabis, but  are unable to make oil with a cultivation-only permit.

This is where Canadian Craft Growers have come in to make the transition as seamless as possible for micro-growers. With fully secured state of the art facilities where growers can grow 365 days a year in order to capitalize on the opportunity. Ongoing research and development with the evolving cannabis industry. Health Canada approved genetics exclusive for the medical market. The business insurance and bankings system is an all in one solution to manage your finances with ease.  As well offering  business financing (OAC), in class courses for all growers  to explore their part of the cannabis industry more in depth with a recognizable certificate designed specifically for the MGC business. Ultimately, it will better the cultivation process by providing micro growers with a large variation of genetics and profiles that no one else will have in the industry.  Canadian Craft Growers are here to help you in every step of your medical cannabis journey from seed to sale. We got you covered.

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