Cannabis and Boating Laws

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Now that it’s the first legal summer with cannabis, stay informed and you’ll be in the clear. Here’s a few quick tips about cannabis regulations well you’re out on the lake this summer.

We all love a good day on the water. Pack the cooler, drinks and snacks, maybe pre-roll a few? New Ontario laws dictate that the same rules apply for cannabis as with drinking behind the wheel. DUI or BUI carry the same consequences.

Sea seekers will now need to consider these new cannabis-related rules in order to fully enjoy the summer.

A young man from Hampton Ontario, was recently charged with having control of a vessel on Sturgeon Lake with cannabis readily available on board. That same week, Mr Chong, 60 of Durham was also charged with having control of a boat with open liquor bottles on board near Scugog River, Global news reported. Thomas directly violated the provincial Cannabis Control Act while having but only 4 grams onboard. At the same token, open liquor bottles on Mr Chong’s boat breached on Ontario’s Liquor Licence Act.

These are just a few examples of charges that have been laid this summer by OPP’s marine unit. They’re out there… so know the rules!

Section 253 of the Criminal Code  indicates that a person may not operate, assist in the operation of, or be in control of a vessel while under the influence of either drugs, alcohol or both.

The term “vessel” is not solely limited to motorized boats, but also includes sailboats, houseboats, kayaks and canoes.

Ontario Cannabis laws stipulate that a person can’t vape, smoke, eat or otherwise consume cannabis in a boat that is being driven or about to be driven.  Boaters can however, carry cannabis onboard if the vessel is temporarily or permanently being used as a residence.

All in all, in order to enjoy the summer without worry, it’s best to keep the weed and whiskey on land. Police services across Canada will continue to crack down on impaired boating this summer. Keep yourself informed on what’s going on in the cannabis world. Subscribe, follow, share with your peers. We’re in this together. Don’t consume cannabis well boating, and make sure you follow the Canadian cannabis laws and limitations, and you’ll be cruising!

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