How can I Become A Micro-Cultivator In Canada? Outlined.

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Thinking of becoming a Micro-cultivator? It’s certainly a process and will surely require some research, follow the process and requires a lot of patients. But it’ll be worth the effort.

According to Health Canada guidelines, you must get a licence in order to :

  • Grow cannabis for sale ( large or small scale, or materials, seeds etc)
  • Make any cannabis related products
  • Sell cannabis products for medical purposes
  • Do any testing of cannabis
  • Do any research of cannabis

Before you begin, as with everything, it’s best to inform yourself on the stipulations contained within the Cannabis Licensings Application Guide to see if you meet the requirements prior to commencing the process.

Micro-Cultivators are permitted a plant surface area which cannot exceed 200m2 (including vertically arranged surfaces) and cultivation may be conducted both indoors and outdoors included within the 200m2.

 Tips for Getting started

  • Become familiar with relevant Federal and provincial, territorial and municipal legislation
  • Identify licence class and subclass of interest
  • Create a CTLS account  ( Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System )
  • Inform all required individuals associated with the proposed licence holder to create a CTLS account, and apply for security clearance, if applicable.
  • Create Corporate account, if applicable,
  • Create and application and gather all information
  • Submit application.

Once your application has been submitted with all required pertinent information within the Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System, below are some additional steps in the licencing process following the submission of an application.

  • Submitting the Application in CTLS ANDSubmitting Site Evidence Package to Health Canada >
  • Application Screening>
  • Review and Security Clearance
  • Pre-Licensing and Approval Process
  • Issuance of Licence

* Following the review of all information, an on-site pre-licence inspection by Health Canada inspectors could be required prior to any decisions being made.

Health Canada may also send you a request for more information which will be up to the applicant to supply in a timely fashion.Additionally it is up to the applicant to obtain a criminal record check including any past criminal charges or convictions. Health Canada may refuse to consider an application if any of the required information is not provided.

Security is at the forefront of the application process. Some stipulations outlined below regarding physical security and organizational security plan.

The footprint of any building(s) needs to be clearly identified and must indicate if the building is a multi-unit or stand-alone. As well as the perimeter of the site must be clearly identified. Additionally the applicant, must also include a floor plan for each  building showing:

  • A clear depiction of rooms where operations, grow and storage activities will take place.
  • Product flow between the rooms  must be identified.
  • Delineated rooms are shown on floor plan, including dimensions which demonstrate how the total surface area of the cannabis plants do not exceed the threshold.

There is also a site package which will require visual evidence as follows of the facilities>>

  • A guided video tour of the entire site ( in and outdoors ) highlighting the entire perimeter and all storage areas.
  • Visual footage showing entire physical barrier for the site and all storage areas
  • Photographic overview of each side of the defined site perimeter.

For a research  only licence, a detailed description of how the operations area are designed to prevent unauthorized access.

In order to provide utmost security and peace of mind in the industry> some best practices as outlined below during the application process as a part of the Good Production Practices Report.

  • Description of how and where cannabis will be stored
  • Description of storage procedure for various categories of cannabis
  • Process flow diagram showing the movement of cannabis in all facets
  • Description or depiction of the building detailing the construction of the surface such as walls, ceiling, floors etc.
  • Description of water supply source
  • Description of air filtration and ventilation systems.
  • Description of the sanitation program demonstrating how the requirements of section 87 of the Cannabis Regulations are met for all operations of the area.Which should also include the frequency or schedule.

Once the process is complete and the licence has been granted, Health Canada will also perform routine inspections, typically monthly to ensure compliance in all areas covered within the Cannabis Regulations. It’s not a walk in the park, and will require diligence and preparedness but if it interests you,you’re surely succeed. “Choose a job you love” they say.

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