Welcome to Canadian Craft Growers

Canadian Craft Growers Corporation (CCG Corp.) is a Canadian based real estate and business management company. We have created a unique business concept that will provide Canadians who are interested in the fast-growing cannabis micro grow cultivation program, a turn-key solution and Health Canada approved facilities across the country. 

Since its inception and having sold out all units in the first three phases, CCG is on track for a 600,000+ sq. ft cultivation facility in the town of Bowmanville. Our truly one-of-a-kind (Co-op) concept provides those who wish to become Micro Grow Cultivators (MGC) a full business solution from the first initial application to a turn-key operation. This includes partnerships with business service and insurance providers, facility maintenance, connections to exclusive Health Canada approved genetics, and industry professionals in cannabis research and development.

CCG will also provide guaranteed purchase agreements for Micro Growers with some of Canada’s largest licensed producers (LP’s). Our model will allow our partners in every unit to achieve the maximum potential at every harvest following Health Canada’s existing framework.

Join Canadian Craft Growers

CCG is a constantly growing and expanding company full of diverse and talented people that we call our team. We take pride in the passion and professionalism that our team exudes with every project, and are always looking for new faces on board.

Join us today to make the once seemingly impossible task, possible.