At Canadian Craft Growers, we have a partnership with top-of-the-line security for Micro Grow cultivation units in the interior, exterior and access points of production and cultivation sites.

We are dedicated to your safety, and we strive to protect the property that you value most in life. Our state-of-the-art facilities will contain everything you need to grow your success. You will find our ready to grow facilities in many cities across Canada, fully-secured and low cost.

Health Canada standards, specifically part 4 of the Cannabis Regulations, states that a secured and protected system is mandatory for a fully functioning licensed facility. We appreciate and understand this perspective and therefore, take every step possible to ensure that all employees feel safe and secure well performing their passion at CCG facilities. Our partnership to a digital and robust security design guarantees that your operations are always protected, 24/7.

We make sure that we go above and beyond these requirements with top of the line security monitors, keycard door access, and 24/7 interior and exterior security personnel. Security precautions are also taken to ensure the cleanliness of the facility cannot contaminated by the outside environment. Once you step inside the CCG facility, you will feel the difference. Our security partners consists of a highly trained team of professionals with dedicated experience working with cannabis production and cultivation facilities. They will be accessible to address any concerns you may have with your safety, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Let us give you more time to focus on doing the things that you love to do, and less time spent worrying about the safety of your work.