Canadian Craft Growers construction & upgrade services for micro growers provides turn-key services from design to completion

Canadian Craft Growers (CCG Corp.) experts bring a variety of experience and professionalism to construction execution. We strive to be the highest value provider by building prosperity and empowering progress, and the leading builder in diverse market segments. Our services for growers can help you focus on the important part of your business and leave the construction/upgrade services work to the experienced team at CCG.

Our communication with clients is of the utmost importance to us, so that their resources are managed wisely and they are informed of the status of the project through its duration.

We strive to achieve our clients project goals by applying our development and construction skills and knowledge to your personalized needs. We provide insight into the construction industry as well as make sure that projects are planned and constructed efficiently, timely, and with your best interest in mind. Our clients project goals regarding budget, time, and quality are always put first.

The company will take care of operations from the beginning stages of consulting and site planning, to the detailed stages of architecture, design & construction services for growers . At CCG, we make sure that all necessary permits are taken care of, making for a hassle-free and efficient way of building your commercial property and updating you throughout the process.