Canadian Craft Growers facilitates the connection to licensing support teams who can help micro grow cultivators through the process and application

Applying for a license may be timely and confusing for some micro growers and business owners. The application itself can be daunting, especially considering it is between 100 to 225 pages to sort through and can take around 8 weeks to complete. Not to mention to get a micro-grow cultivation application through Health Canada can be pricey for some, which only covers growing cannabis plants for distribution, not for packaging or processing plants. This also does not include the various other hidden fees that come along with the process.

 This becomes a barrier of entry to many micro-growers. Cost, application length, and licensing can feel overwhelming, we understand. That is why we provide a turn-key facility that meets all of the government regulations and Health Canada standards as the first part of the application process. We will then connect you with industry professionals that can provide you the help you require through the licensing process, as well as take care of the submission of application, city zoning and by-law approvals. Whether you are experienced in this field, or have never filled out an application before, we will connect you to the support you need to obtain your license.

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About Cannabis License - Information by Health Canada

Cannabis Micro Grow license, once provided, is valid for a maximum for 2 years and is not automatically renewed. It has to be applied no later than 30 days before the expiration date of the current license. In order to assure the renewal of license, the requirements of the license should be being met during the period the license was granted.

Once the application is applied, Health Canada reviews the application to determine if you are eligible for a cannabis license based on the information provided on the Form L300. You will be contacted if Health Canada requires more information. Once the requirements are met, you will be sent a letter to confirm CRA cannabis license approval and the new excise duty program account number.