Canadian Craft Growers (CCG) will partner with in-class cannabis course providers for growers and business owners in Canada.

CCG will partner with an educational team who can provide industry approved in-class courses for micro growers and owners to explore their part of the cannabis industry more in depth. With a recognizable certificate designed specifically for the MGC business, the course will offer a variety of cannabis education topics. This includes but is not limited to; expanding your knowledge on the cannabis market, learning the in’s and out’s of Canada’s Cannabis Act, and master tips to help you grow better such as record keeping and efficient methods.


We will link you to these courses so that you can be prepared for what is required, and you are well equipped to meet those requirements. These GMP consulting and training courses will ensure that your quality is up to the highest possible standard, creating white labeled products, expanding your possibility of selling to smaller licensed producers in the European Market. At the end of the day, you will not only be passionate about the product being created, but you will have a better understanding of how to get the most potent, high quality cannabis possible and be proud of your craft.


Our hope is that our partnership to these courses will help you understand plant physiology and techniques to maximize quality of the crop at the production facilities. Their instructors explain how to maximize on your production while staying in compliance with Health Canada and other applicable regulations. The content of the in-class courses for micro growers may include topics related to current regulatory frameworks, plant functions, genetics, general characteristics and the growth of plants.