At Canadian Craft Growers, we provide connections with cannabis quality assurance professionals in the industry and safety education to all of the micro growers who work with us.

Our facility is designed to exceed good production practices (GPP). We will put you in touch with a team of product quality support experts in the industry who can provide you with a system to make sure that you always feel supported throughout your growing process. This will ensure that your product is at the highest possible quality throughout the growing process and at every single harvest. Whenever you need a quality check on your flower, there will be someone there to help you.

Whether it is questions during the process or a need for equipment, someone will always be on call. You never have to worry that you will be left in the dark. Product quality support includes; quality assurance, quality control, record-keeping, material and genetics sourcing, and 24/7 on call access to help. Also, as the cannabis industry is continuing to add industrial machinery and equipment, all micro grow cultivators will be educated on how to safely and effectively operate these softwares. We hope this support will provide all growers with the confidence they need to grow their craft with pride and passion.